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Gym Equip With The Best Fitness Equipment

We always have been getting better for our members. We want to make sure they do feel good every time they step on the treadmill or on the stationary. Our fitness equipment is simply the best and made from durable materials. We can assure you they can withstand daily wear and tear. You will not need to worry about mishaps in the future since we do have our maintenance personnel who will check the condition and functionality of all of our equipment.

Personal Trainers With Years Of Experience

If you want to gear up and be more focused on what you do and have someone to push you harder to the limits, you can always gear up and ask one of our personal trainers to help you. They have years of experience under their sleeves. Expect that they will be very hands on and sometimes be tough on you if you need that extra push. This will be to your benefit. Of course, hiring a personal trainer does come with a fee. No worries, you can afford one. Our rates here are affordable.

Superb Service

One thing that we at Wing Arc Sports are proud of is that we do offer superb service to all our members. We do treat each one of them with the utmost respect while at the same time helping them reach their personal fitness goals. We are your partner in your quest in becoming healthy and fit person you have ever seen yourself.

Our long list of satisfied members is a living proof that we do our jobs right, our service is top notch, and their experience going and working out in our gym is what they have expected and even much better.

We never compromise the quality of our service in order to earn more profit. This is a big no for us and we will make sure that our service stays within our standard protocol and procedure. Everyone from the gym staff, to the personal trainers and nutritionists, they do work hand in hand together with our common goal – to become a gym that delivers results to its members.

This will only be realized through the concerted effort of the members as well as the people behind Wing Arc Sports. If you want to become a member of our gym, let us know by contacting us right away.


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2399 Indiana Avenue, Mililani
HI 96789

Call us on: 808-639-8176

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